July 12, 2011 Supreme Court  Ruling


Hello, thank you for your support of Truth for Lucy. As many of you know, my name is Michele Hobbs and I have been battling for the rights to see my daughter Lucy since 2007. On July 12, 2011 we received a set back in a ruling from the Ohio State Supreme Court. You can read the ruling by choosing the link above.

As devastating as this is, we are still looking for an avenue back to Lucy. Our weekly visits have been cut off, and I continue to reach out to her other Mom to try and set a time when i can see my daughter again. My facebook page is riddled with questions, support and concern for Lucy and me, and we thank you for that support and concern and the offer of positive thoughts and prayer. 

My last conversation with Kelly Mullen was the day the Ohio Supreme Court decision came down. I called her hoping she not take Lucy away from me agian, she told me that I had wasted three years of her time. I reminded her that it has been four years, and then she told me that I should not have fought her and that she hadn't wanted this to go to court, then she promptly hung up the phone. I didn't get the chance to remind her that she took Lucy from our home in late October 2007. I sent emails, texted and called her trying to find out what was going on, asking where is our daughter; and by November 7th  2007 she declared I am not going to see Lucy and to stop contacting her and her family. Lucy was almost 2 1/2 years old when Kelly Mullen took my child from me. After seven MONTHS in and out of juvenile court, I was finally allowed six hours each week with Lucy. Going to court was and still seems to be the only way I will ever get to see Lucy again. I will not stop fighting and I do not stop hurting for my little girl. Below you can read more about the history of this aweful tale and you can click on the links along the side to see photos, hear interviews and read news articles from the last several years.  Please read through the Judges decisions and the comments on the Facts page, there are a lot of questions still unanswered. But most importantly, still send your positive energy and prayers; at times it is all we have.

Michele Hobbs “Mama”

A Little Background

From the beginning, all I have asked for is the proper time to share with my daughter as any divorced parent would expect. Each night I walk past Lucy’s bedroom and wonder if she is okay. It is thoughts of her that wake me each morning. Do not mistake; Lucy is my daughter. From the initial discussion with the sperm donor in the August of 2003, until her birth in July 2005, and to today in 2010, the journey is already SEVEN years in the making. I will not stop fighting for my time with her ever. I owe it to her and the promise I made her when I cut her umbilical cord, that I would love her and protect her for the rest of my life.

People tell me all the time that some day Lucy is going to find out the truth and know how hard I fought to keep us together; and they tell me that when she finds out what happened here she will resent her other Kelly and likely hate her for what she has done. That gives me no peace.
VIDEO: Ohio Supreme Court
Case No. 2010-0276
In re: Lucy Kathleen Mullen

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Lucy is hurting today and she will continue to be affected by our separation and when the day comes when she finds out these truths, she will hurt again, for what and for whom? Do not ask me why Kelly Mullen has chosen to put our daughter through all of this. People suggest spite, greed, fear, anger, selfishness? It doesn’t matter to me why, that is up to her to live with and carry. All I want is Lucy and I to continue our Mother Daughter bond. I want Lucy to know that even though the world is not always fair, it is up to her to find her own voice and follow the path of truth, respect and honor. It is up to us to take that which is unjust and convert the bad into good; to find peace and pride in our actions, thoughts and deeds. Kelly Mullen once loved me and found me to be a solid partner, Mother and friend for over seven years; it wasn’t until our amicable break up in 2007 she became so irrational. The truth is found here in pictures, videos, writings and the court documents. See for yourself. If you have a question or believe something needs to be further explained, contact me. The truth is easy for me to show, the truth is how we won the case in December 2008. The truth is what this site is all about. Direct ANYONE to it. Help me spread the word how incredibly wrong something is with the outcome of my case. Help me get my rightful time back with my daughter. 
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There are many people to thank for their support over the years and I will get to that soon; but I want to thank Shawn Baker for the expediency for getting Truth for Lucy up and running in a matter of days and to Bryan and Emily of The Wild Mountains Berrys for the inspiring song they wrote for Lucy and me on the slide show above. And Amanda...thanks for standing by me day and night. Your support gives me strength. 

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